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TITMC News : Oct 26th 2016 #252
Posted by vppr on 2016/11/6 14:39:12 (157 reads)

252nd meeting (26th, October, 2016)

1)Ice Break session
All participants stood in a circle and spoke about each ideal holiday one after the other. One member said, 敵oing to Hawaii and relaxing is an ideal holiday. The other member said, 展aking up early and feeling the much time left on a day is an ideal holiday. One interesting member said, 鉄tudying English is recent my best holiday. We found that each person had each ideal holiday way.

2)English session
We started with the Word of the Evening. TM K.O. selected 組enuinely as this word. Speakers try to use the Word of the Evening in their speeches extemporaneously.

There was one speaker at English session today.
The title was 羨bout that resource? The contents are as follows:
The most important resource is water. Although Japan has sufficient water, we are importing much virtual water. If there is no water, we could do nothing.
This was very informative and thought-provoking speech.

3) Table Topics Session
TM K.S questioned 糎hat is your motto? Two answerers spoke about their own mottos in their life impromptu.




二本目のスピーチは、ベテランのK.Sさん。タイトルは「Another side of the earth」。ブラジルのアマゾンのジャングルの減少状況から、地球のを見方を考えるというコンセプト。宇宙戦艦ヤマトをモチーフにした会話形式を一人で実演しました。

Best Speaker, Best Table Topics Speaker, Best Evaluatorが、参加者の祝福の元、発表となりました。
Best Speaker:T.Mさん
Best Table Topics:K.Oさん
Best Evaluator:F.Mさん

6)Business Session

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