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TITMC News : May 24th #267 REgular Meeting
Posted by vppr on 2017/6/18 10:22:54 (255 reads)

In English session, today's world of the evening was "exhausted". (by TM E.K.)
English session has 3 speeches.

Speech #1 (TM A.S.):
CC Manual: Project 3, Get to the point
The title is "Decision Maker".

She talked about her miserable drinking party experience.
And how to respond their invitation of next drinking party is difficult.
To become a decision maker of myself is her message.

Speech #2 (TM H.S.)
CC Manual: Project 4, How to say it
The title is "History of T-shirts".

He talked about "T-shirts" history by using slides.
The design of slides looks very professional and
T-shirt history is very interesting.
It's not just clothes, it's include ideology, art, design and future.

Speech #3 (TM C.C.)
AC Manual Technical Presentations: Project 2, The proposal
The title is "Let's go green.".

She also used very professional slides to get attentions for environmental issues.
She introduced how are we "Green" by 3 points.
#1 is Green your ride, to use public transportations.
#2 is Green your home, to use solar power.
#3 is Green your lifestyle, to use low energy instruments, use echo-bag and so on.
After the speech, she handled very well some questions.

Evaluation was made by TM K.S, TM E.K. and TM A.O.

The best table topic speaker was TM C.C
The best evaluator was TM E.K.
The best speaker was TM C.C.


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