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TITMC News : Jun 14th #269 REgular Meeting
Posted by vppr on 2017/7/8 0:06:19 (285 reads)

How are you getting along in this rainy season?
Today's TMOE(Tostmaster of this evening) was TM A.S. who was assigned this role for the first time.
But ,she had prepared very well and livened up the meeting with her intelligent comments.
We had spent breezy time on 269th regular meeting with 22 attendances (17 members and 5 guests) !

Today's word of the day was TM S.I..
'to absorb (oneself in something)'
He introduced that word from his family's episode.

First prepared speech speaker was TM H.S..
His speech project was CC manual #5 'Your Body Speaks' and his speech title was 'Power of bBricks'.
He had handled it successfully with excellent posture and gesture.
The audience enjoyed his story by the latest item of Lego Brick and his humor.
His evaluator,TM T.M. praised that TM H.S. got along well in all aspects - Body Language,Speech and Slides.
TM T.M. pointed out that his speech became more exciting if he showed more his passion about Lego brick by body language.

Second prepared speech speaker was TM G.K..
His speech project was CC manual #6 'Vocal Variety' and his speech title was 'Don't be afraid..
He talked about 'Fearless Feedback' with examples and explained its importance.
His evaluator,TM C.C. praised that his voice was good balance with expressive and suitable - soft ,loud and quiet moments.

Best Taqble Topics Speaker :TM A.T.
Best Evaluator :TM C.C.
Best Speaker :TM G.K.

Stay tuned our next episode!

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