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Posted by vppr on 2017/7/8 0:16:36 (295 reads)

<English Session>
TM A.O. released Word of the day,

Posted by vppr on 2017/7/8 0:06:19 (379 reads)

How are you getting along in this rainy season?
Today's TMOE(Tostmaster of this evening) was TM A.S. who was assigned this role for the first time.
But ,she had prepared very well and livened up the meeting with her intelligent comments.
We had spent breezy time on 269th regular meeting with 22 attendances (17 members and 5 guests) !

Today's word of the day was TM S.I..
'to absorb (oneself in something)'
He introduced that word from his family's episode.

First prepared speech speaker was TM H.S..
His speech project was CC manual #5 'Your Body Speaks' and his speech title was 'Power of bBricks'.
He had handled it successfully with excellent posture and gesture.
The audience enjoyed his story by the latest item of Lego Brick and his humor.
His evaluator,TM T.M. praised that TM H.S. got along well in all aspects - Body Language,Speech and Slides.
TM T.M. pointed out that his speech became more exciting if he showed more his passion about Lego brick by body language.

Second prepared speech speaker was TM G.K..
His speech project was CC manual #6 'Vocal Variety' and his speech title was 'Don't be afraid..
He talked about 'Fearless Feedback' with examples and explained its importance.
His evaluator,TM C.C. praised that his voice was good balance with expressive and suitable - soft ,loud and quiet moments.

Best Taqble Topics Speaker :TM A.T.
Best Evaluator :TM C.C.
Best Speaker :TM G.K.

Stay tuned our next episode!

Posted by vppr on 2017/6/18 10:22:54 (276 reads)

In English session, today's world of the evening was "exhausted". (by TM E.K.)
English session has 3 speeches.

Speech #1 (TM A.S.):
CC Manual: Project 3, Get to the point
The title is "Decision Maker".

She talked about her miserable drinking party experience.
And how to respond their invitation of next drinking party is difficult.
To become a decision maker of myself is her message.

Speech #2 (TM H.S.)
CC Manual: Project 4, How to say it
The title is "History of T-shirts".

He talked about "T-shirts" history by using slides.
The design of slides looks very professional and
T-shirt history is very interesting.
It's not just clothes, it's include ideology, art, design and future.

Speech #3 (TM C.C.)
AC Manual Technical Presentations: Project 2, The proposal
The title is "Let's go green.".

She also used very professional slides to get attentions for environmental issues.
She introduced how are we "Green" by 3 points.
#1 is Green your ride, to use public transportations.
#2 is Green your home, to use solar power.
#3 is Green your lifestyle, to use low energy instruments, use echo-bag and so on.
After the speech, she handled very well some questions.

Evaluation was made by TM K.S, TM E.K. and TM A.O.

The best table topic speaker was TM C.C
The best evaluator was TM E.K.
The best speaker was TM C.C.


Posted by vppr on 2017/5/3 10:55:28 (394 reads)

Meeting report of 26th,April 2017 .

English session:

TM T.U. showed us the word of the evening "shrewdness / shrewd ".

The first prepared speaker was TM Y.O..
His speech title was "Home Town".
He talked about the town he has been living in.
He explained 2 special good point of his town, nature(beach and river) and view of Mt.Fuji from his house.
After then,he expressed concern about the change of that town.
His speech was full of feeling about his hometown.
TM A.S. who was the evaluator of his speech praised ability of expression of him.And she pointed out his family episode will add more different color for his speech.

The second prepared speaker was TM M.N..
This speech project was AC Manual 'Speaking to inform', Project #2 "Resources for informing".
Her speech title was "The difference of working style".
She showed us the comparison of data between Japan and Germany.
After she mentioned recent several overwork news,she said, "Now is the chance to change the condition and environment."
That message was so appealed to the heart strongly.
TM H.S. who was the evaluator of her praised her presentation was simple and easy understand for all audience.
And he pointed out that it became more interesting if she explained why Japanese people work so hard .

The next 'special speech' speaker was TM M.K.from Fantasista TMC.
She is our representative of Div. C for National English contest.
Her speech increased completeness in comparison with the past one.
We are surprised that her evolution does not stop!

Today's Results,
Best Speaker is TM Y.O.
Best Evaluator is TM H.S.


Posted by vppr on 2017/5/2 16:36:39 (383 reads)

【第264回例会レポート (2017/04/12(水)19:00~21:00)】

Today TMOE was TM T.M.
He showed a 100 yen coin and it had a cherry blossom.
It's such a nice opening!

Today's world of the evening was "splendid". (by TM M.N.)
As the word was splendid, many people used "splendid".

Speech #1 (TM S.A.):
CC Manual: Project 2, Organize your speech
The title is "Salt of refreshing".

She talked about face washing by using salt. The story is about her daily
try-and-error story, but it included the deep message.
It remind me "boiled frog" theory. Let's try new things.

Speech #2 (TM J.S.)
CC Manual: Project 6, Vocal variety
The title is "No excuse".

He tried "vocal variety" speech. His role play between Carl and Risa was amazing.
Everyone understood his message, "Carl, no excuse!"

Evaluation was made by TM M.N. and C.Y.
TM M.N. pointed out 4 good points and suggested 2 improvements, it's really helpful for TM S.A.
TM C.Y. tried hard his English evaluation and did a great job. He showed a real no-excuse man.

日本語セッションの今夜の言葉はTM M.N.さんより「卓越した」でした.

スピーチ #3 (TM O.N.)
ACマニュアル: 聴衆を楽しませるスピーカー プロジェクト1 楽しめるスピーチ

すぐにウトウト寝てしうまうというTM O.N.さん。家族からの指摘を受け、眠りについて調査。

テーブルトピック(TM A.O.)
Q1.新入社員の前で話せる機会が与えれた時に何を一番伝えたいですか? 回答者:TM K.A.
Q2.あなたにとっての贅沢なことは何ですか? 回答者:TM R.I.
Q3.どこにでも引っ越せるとしたら、どこへ引っ越したいですか? 回答者:TM H.S.
Q4.仕事の行きまたは帰りにあなたは主に何をしていますか?  回答者:TM Y.O.

ワークショップ (TM C.Y)
Successful club series から Effective evaluation

TM K.S.さんより、深い洞察に基づく優しく包み込む論評が披露されました。卓越した論評でした。

今夜のベストテーブルトピックはTM H.S.さん、
ベスト論評者はTM K.S.さん、
ベストスピーカーはTM N.O.さんでした


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