Apr 26th 2017 #265 Regular Meeting

Date 2017/5/3 10:55:28 | Topic: TITMC News

Meeting report of 26th,April 2017 .

English session:

TM T.U. showed us the word of the evening "shrewdness / shrewd ".

The first prepared speaker was TM Y.O..
His speech title was "Home Town".
He talked about the town he has been living in.
He explained 2 special good point of his town, nature(beach and river) and view of Mt.Fuji from his house.
After then,he expressed concern about the change of that town.
His speech was full of feeling about his hometown.
TM A.S. who was the evaluator of his speech praised ability of expression of him.And she pointed out his family episode will add more different color for his speech.

The second prepared speaker was TM M.N..
This speech project was AC Manual 'Speaking to inform', Project #2 "Resources for informing".
Her speech title was "The difference of working style".
She showed us the comparison of data between Japan and Germany.
After she mentioned recent several overwork news,she said, "Now is the chance to change the condition and environment."
That message was so appealed to the heart strongly.
TM H.S. who was the evaluator of her praised her presentation was simple and easy understand for all audience.
And he pointed out that it became more interesting if she explained why Japanese people work so hard .

The next 'special speech' speaker was TM M.K.from Fantasista TMC.
She is our representative of Div. C for National English contest.
Her speech increased completeness in comparison with the past one.
We are surprised that her evolution does not stop!

Today's Results,
Best Speaker is TM Y.O.
Best Evaluator is TM H.S.


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